Beyond Jacques Vert…

Wonderful words from my sister taking real meaning from my photograph The above image was taken by a superb photographer, who always appears to capture shots that go much deeper than the naked eye can see… Let me … Beyond Jacques Vert…

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It is has taken me time to write this blog and I have named it Juxtaposition. It has been described in the dictionary as following “An act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrast.” Late last year my wife and I went on holiday for a week with […]

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2013 In Focus

2012 had been a particularly difficult year for me personally and I decided that 2013 would be much better. I had decided in terms of my photography I would endeavour to understand how light works in photographs.  I bought a speed light and soft box over the Christmas period last year. It was sometime till […]

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Event Photography and all that.

A couple of months ago a good friend of mine who knew that I liked photography asked me  if I’d consider photographing a charity event that she was organising. The charity being Blue Sky. One of her friends unfortunately is poorly with cancer and she wanted to help this charity and raise funds for them. […]

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For those of you that know me personally reading this blog will know that my main interests in life are photography and also I have read widely and been to many wine producing areas of Europe and am qualified in wine and spirits. Probably my favourite style of wine are  those from Alsace in eastern […]